Musings: Rain, rain go away …

…and go to where you are needed most!

Talk about rainy season and its really here.

This noon, I was complaining about the Davao heat to Manang Magda, the waitress at my “suki” food stop in Matina. While some people are suffering landslide in northern Philippines and heavy rains in most parts of the country, we are in this heat!

She did not serve me my frebbie hot soup, instead, offered If I want more ice for my water. Then she reminded me that Davao is typhoon-free, so I shouldn’t worry about typhoons but I have to bear the heat as well. Well, well. I know we won’t get everything right all at once. Right?

And, well, you’ve guessed it. Rain fell heavily tonight! For one of Murphy’s laws: “It is fundamental law of nature, nothing ever quite works out”.

As usual, the roads of Matina are flooded and GSIS Village, where I live is isolated from the rest of Davao! That’s an exaggeration, but this is really the meaning of rain to me here–flood!

I hope our flood control and water disposal systems in the city would be better. That ‘s why I was really thankful it did not rain so hard during the ASEAN Tourism Forum in January. Hopefully rain should go away too come Kadawayan sa Dabaw 2006!

I pray it would rain more in the farmlands where much rainwater is needed for natural irrigation (although, hopefully, not much water in plantations where too much water could spoil the crops as well.)

I hope rain could make Mindanao produce more fruits, vegetables and food to feed the hungry. And also, so we have more produce to display to local and foreign tourists especially during festivals like Kadawayan!


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