Reflections: On this youthful idealism

(Agence France-Presse Photo by Romeo Gacad)

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When Lt. Lawrence San Juan, one of the Magdalo mutineers, was in the limelight for escaping from detention – I was amazed at his courage and his defiance of military authority, which they collectively accused of incompetence, corruption among other things.

A lot of things remained to be probed on their allegations, but if indeed the junior officers saw their leaders in the depth of dirt in the military then it is logical why young people like Lt. San Juan would do what they have done.

Idealism is not dead in this country even if there are a lot of cynism milling around.

When reports that he “repented” today came out, I was also not surprised. The young military officer is an intelligent person he knows what he has to do for the time being. But indeed, this young person is a “reflection” of the many problems around us —one of which is lack of real heroes who walk the talk and lead by example.

At least, even if the idealist in Lt. San Juan probably waived with the present circumstances he is into, at least he looks like someone whose ideals are still intact –and is poised to rebound sooner carryi ng the lessons of youth.

I hope the likes of Lt. San Juan will inspire young people to stand by their ideals, in a time when minds are easily swayed by what money can buy and whereever their comfort processing zones lie.

Of course the youth, including myself, should also listen to the wisdom of old taking more caution and foresight.

(From “Joannah”, who sends me daily inspiring messages via SMS: “Not one of us can bring back yesterday or shape tomorrow. Only today is ours and won’t be hours for long. Once gone, it will never be ours again. So make the best of everyday!” Of course God owns time, He knows us best being our Creator and He has a plan for all of us, so turning to God-Allah-Mambabaya can still change the picture, I’m sure. Right?)


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