Updates: Talking peace

August 10 was a day to remember. I have had good reflections that day as I gave a peace writing workshop on behalf of MindaNews.

It was organized by the Mindanao Economic Development Council (Medco) with the Department of Education and Act for Peace for around 158 public high school students from around Southeastern Mindanao. The participants were all members of school publications.

MindaNews has been known for its “bias” for peace, which is also the bias of any responsible and any sane, right-minded individual or organization in Mindanao. So, an exposure to a crowd that looks up to peace advocates should not surprise me. But I was amazed at how the youth today are given opportunities to really voice out their thoughts of the future that is, after all, theirs.

The participants of last summer’s youth peace camp were there to testimony for their own experiences on youth peace-building. The speakers from the tri-people communities of Mindanao were inspiring. Above all, the participants were also inspiring.

I saw in them the future leaders of Mindanao. They listened with interest, assuming so from what I have seen from their eyes. And I’m sure they all can become peace-builders. My report on the workshop could give you more details.


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