Updates: Disastrous

The first text message of the day on Aug. 11 was from writer Don Pagusara forwarded by MindaNews editor Carol Arguillas. “The waves have eaten up most of the houses in Bago Aplaya. If you know media people, please send to cover it,” that was the gist. In less than an hour, Skippy Lumawag, our photographer and I were there up and about. The turbulent waves have receeded . But people were still terrified. Many of them busy putting down their houses to save wood for a possible relocation. Still many just stood there gaping. But the community is organized: the men helping do the heavy stuff, while some women started cooking for the hungry. The bayanihan spirit is alive, said Brgy. chair Danilo Andoy.

I was told it happened in at least 17 coastal barangays in Davao City. So I went to the Davao City Disaster Coordinating Council in Almendras Gym to appraise the real situation for my story. The people there were accomodating. But I got more updated data on the affected families in Bago Aplaya. Mine (from the Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council): 55 families; theirs: less than 20.

(To be updated)


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