Updates: Madayaw Davao! Happy Kadayawan 2006!

Am I redundant in that title? Well, well, despite all the hassles of preparation – still welcome to Davao and to the festival of festivals! (I sound like as if I am a city tourism official! hehe)

Brace for posts on the celebration here. Let me share this blog by Yvette of Bisaya Bloggers for a start:


Best steak — Claude’s
Best hopia — Davao Star Bakery
Best Fried Chicken — Papa Ching’s and Royale House
Best Durian — The native kind
Best Place to buy durian — Magsaysay Park, take your pick from the stalls
Best way to eat durian — with the hands, then wash it down with cold cold water or icy coke
Best way to take away the smell of durian — wash your hands in the shell
Best Pancit Canton — Ah Fat (yes, the seafood noodles)
Best Bijon Tostado — Dencia’s
Best Hot and Sour Soup — the recipe of my barkada Jona (Johnna). You should taste it.
Best buffet spread (breakfast lunch and dinner) — Marco Polo
Best Japanese food — Tsuru
Best Chocolate Cake — Humberto’s
Best place top get stuffed — Penong’s
Best inihaw na pusit — Harana
Best cheese pizza — Picobello’s, too bad I am lactose intolerant!
Best Coffee — TUMP, NCCC Mall, under the escalators, Try the coffee!!!
Best Pan de sal — Davao Best, but you can get them only in the mornings.
Best kinilaw — too many to mention.
Best paksiw na tuna — Petron Bajada
Best place to view city — Jack’s Ridge
Best place to meditate — The Shrine just across Jack’s Ridge by the way!
Best Eight Treasure Soup — Sea Urchin
Best cheesecake — Marco Polo
Best pancit malabon — Tita Mira’s
Best place to drink — buy a case, then go to one of the beaches
Best halo halo — Aling Foping’s at MTS
Best Sans Rival — Lachi’s Tokwa and Lugaw- Dencia’s
Best Chinese empanada — Rose Cua
Best Pancit Luglug — Azon’s at the Bangkerohan Market
Best mini-siopao — Kuilan’s
Best overstuffed siopao — Mandarin Tea Garden and ask for the brown sauce.
Best Fresh Lumpia — Cecil’s
Best Grilled Pork Ribs — Lachi’s
Best crispy buntot ng tuna — Suka’t Sili
Best mangosteen jam — Lorenzo’s
Best Hungarian Sausage and other deli items — Swiss Deli/Swiss Gourmet
Best Durian Candy — Linda’s
Best Cinnamon Rolls — Annipie Bakeshop
Best Local Burger — Space Burger
Best Durian Cheesecake — Bo’s Coffee shop
Best Shrimp Dumplings — Mandarin Tea Garden
Best Garlic Tuyo — Tiny Kitchen
Best Salad — Eden Nature Park
Best place to hang out — that really depends kung ano ang trip mo.
Best Dimsum — Marco Polo
Best Blog –this one! (hahaha)

Have fun everyone!


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