Updates: What is up in Guimaras?

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Since it is far-far away from Mindanao, I almost did not feel the effects of the oil spill in Guimaras Island between Negros and Panay Islands. That is until a schoolmate from UP Miag-ao in Iloilo blogged about it yesterday.

I used to live in Iloilo as a student and as a very young worker. Most of the time during weekends, friends and I cross the Guimaras Straight to enjoy the beach and the sun in the island. The distance between Jordan or Buenvista towns in Guimaras and the wharf near Gomez St in downtown Iloilo City is just a little farther than that of Sasa Onse and Babak in Samal Island.

I really love the countryside, especially the shoreline. In fact I remembered a good friend of mine and I went biking along a stretch of road along the beach in Nueva Valencia town, Guimaras during sun down. I also went to Taclong Island marine reserve where UP runs a research center.

What will happen to beautiful Guimaras with the oil spill? What lessons could be learned by us in Mindanao from this experience? (Photo taken not in Guimaras; but in Mati, Davao Oriental courtesy of Keith Bacongco)


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2 responses to “Updates: What is up in Guimaras?”

  1. kitoy says :

    okay kaayo ka, maayo kay you have time for this, am glad =)

  2. mindanaw says :

    OK ka to …. this is just pasttime oi.

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