On August 21, on board the Coast Guard’s MV Nueva Vizcaya, Davao reporters were briefed about maritime safety in Mindanao and what they are doing about the oil slick in Guimaras Island in Western Visayas.

It’s a sad thing to hear that the Coast Guard is ill-equipped in responding to this environmental disaster. Read about my story here. The oil slick (or floating films of oil; when oil is exposed to water for a while it hardens”) has now reach the shores of two towns in nearby Iloilo province. This might spread to other areas. But this story also tells an encouraging gesture of hairdressers to help address the problem. Read about what they did here.

Surely, Petron and partners who own the sunken Solar 1 and its cargo lost money in this accident. But they have to pay for its effect to the environment, life and livelihood of people in the area.

There is a sign that the accident will become one reason for people to unite to help each other. This should result in greater caution in maritime transportation and more protection of the environment. Also, closer watch by the Philippine Coast Guard.


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