Just moments after posting “Conscience List” in this blog, I received an unsolicited text message from a “friend” who frequents Istambay sa Mindanao. I was advised to take out that entry because it will “diminish” my aim for objectivity as a journalist. “That is so unprofessional and unbecoming”. Then I was advised to have balance in this blog. Well thank you for your 2 cents worth!

I am happy that this shoestring endeavor pretending to be a blog has its few followers. Very few to be exact. Honestly, I average only 15-20 visitors a day (excluding my own visits). That’s one reason I wonder high why my “friend” is worried. I’m sure it gets circulated, I know this is the internet.

Thank you for your concern. But this is a PERSONAL blog. Nobody tells me what to post or not to post here.

And you tell me to learn how to accept defeat. What defeat? Ah OK. The 173-32 vote. OK. I got you. I should understand why you think like that. You only think this is just the affair of the members of the House of Representatives. That’s your call. Me? I would rather make the people decide after this.

Besides, even if my opinion is alligned with the opposition, whom many I also doubt, I don’t really mind. I refuse to be boxed in partisan politics where people are stripped off their humanity and polarized as if life is just about administration-opposition.

My intentions go up higher than that. This is not just an exercise of political rights, but a matter of keeping humanity intact. This is not just becoming humane, but human. Basic!

I will speak up my mind. I will post more dissenting blogs. I will continue to advance the truth. I will continue to adhere to justice, fairness, transparency, and democracy.

That is where my aspiration to be a professional journalist is founded.

It doesn’t matter if my mind speaks the language of the losers in the impeachment bid. I dont mind because in that sense losing means courage, quest for truth, justice, transparency, integrity, heroism, peace of mind, and a million other noble things of virtue.

Certainly, I don’t want to speak the language of the victors, if it means allegiance to accused cheaters, obstructors of justice; mediocre, corrupt, flawed leadership–those who could not lead by example, those who do not give a chance for truth to pacify the mind of a free people.

I do not want to be among the victors if that means having no balls to stand by the principles that built this nation.

I will continue to be human even if I’m a journalist confronted with all the lures of the world to put personal interests over the public’s.

I pray to God for guidance, provision and protection as I live humanity like a freeman. At least, I aspire to be.


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