Welcome to my new tambayan.

Moving out and in isn’t easy. But I guess my Blogspot 3-month experimentation could speak for a lot of lessons learned about blogging already. Though I encountered a lot of difficulties there, I could not say for good that I have disposed of that spot in blogosphere already. Let’s just say, like Pluto, I recognize it is still there, but it will be demoted for now as a dwarf location. Ahuh, maybe I can say this because I have practically imported all my posts from “there” to “here”.

One big reason why I jumped ship is I want to categorize my posts which I haven’t figured out in Blogspot. Maybe, its about me, I guess. But I could also say I want to move on a new format (always nalang!).

The move was out of impulse. I didn’t really think of this much apart from my wish to categorize the posts and the supposed new format. As to what use and “new format”, well I have to figure it out.

Meantime, I have to tinker back on WordPress’ resources. Like the pre-historic nomad hunter, let us see what I can gather for subsistence.

Thank you for the visit! 

Liko liko kaw ra! (Binukid for “Please come again”)


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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