Does the split of the military’s Southern command (SouthCom) really mean better security? Some local government leaders say it is here.

But if indeed the Western Mindanao Command and the Eastern Mindanao Command are poised to confront the Abu Sayyaf/other terrorist groups and the New Peoples Army respectively, then that means the all-out war in action.

Is war better security? Yes, better security means good business, as businessman Toto Paglas said. 

But if we pitch a mentality of war, the two commands still do not mean peace and business. I believe the root cause of ‘poor economy’ in Mindanao is not war; it is only the tip of the iceberg— the dermal cover.

Approaching the roots of war is the best and direct way to approach poor security and bad business, in my opinion. But then, it’s a chicken and egg thing, they say.

Reminds me of what a junior police officer told me in the Ecoland terminal. “Their mere presence in the terminal is already a major crime prevention move”. Does the police formula apply also in dealing with terrorist groups and the Maoist rebels? That is only one question.

The military re-established ties with the police is reminiscent of the Philippine Constabulary days in this all-out war. That is quite an important thing to note, too.


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