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Sarangani-North Sulawesi trade eyed as BIMP– EAGA model

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / September 29)  – Sarangani and an Indonesian province agreed to increase trading between them as their respective government executives also opened initial talks to smoothen out trading, Sarangani Governor Miguel Dominguez said.

Dominguez, who led a trade mission to North Sulawesi on September 21 to 25, said the mission was able to wring out stronger local government cooperation, business matching in trade and tourism and established port-to-port meeting. Read story here.

He said there were productive negotiations during business matching sessions including deals in price and shipment.

Among the products from Jose Abad Santos– Glan– Sarangani Cooperation Triangle (JAGS-CT) were beauty soaps and cosmetics, soft drinks, mango planting materials and other fruit seeds, cement and paints, cigarettes, banana, and alcoholic beverages for hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Products under negotiation for importation from Indonesia via North Sulawesi include tiles, roofs, virgin coconut oil, essential oils, tuna, wood moldings, knock-down wooden houses, yellow corn, copra, furniture, souvenir materials, and charcoal.

Dominguez said focused group discussions were being undertaken that later formulated eight tour packages between Manado in Indonesia and other cities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations via Davao.


16 % of policewomen harassed, abused by husbands, superiors and colleagues

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/29 Sept) — Women law enforcers are not spared from sexual harassment or physical abuse by their partners, superiors and colleagues. Around 16 percent or 560 out of 3,500 policewomen surveyed in 2005 by the Philippine National Police (PNP) reported having been sexually harassed by their partners and about the same number experienced physical beating by their husbands or partners, Supt. Eldebrande Osano, Philippine National Police director for Family, Juvenile, and Gender Division told more than 500 policewomen during the 4 th Biennial Summit on Women in Policing Thursday.
Of the 560 who reported to have been sexually harassed, majority (58 per cent) were offended in the workplace and 29 percent during training. About 63 percent of them reported they were harassed by their superiors and around 27 percent by their colleagues.

About 60 percent of those sexually harassed reported they were harassed as a pre-condition to entry to the PNP and also in exchange for promotion or other benefits.

There are 9,000 policewomen in the country or 8 percent of the country’s total police force.  More than half of those surveyed, at least 1,750 or 55 percent are married to a police officer. Read story here.

Why Milenyo? Why strike now?

While Mindanao and Davao City in particular enjoyed sunny days (with cloudy hours of course) this week, the rest of the country suffered the wrath of typhoon Milenyo. According to the Office of the Civil Defense (OCD) it wrecked havoc and damaged at least P134 million worth of infrastructure, agriculture and private property! What! Read the story here. OCD also was cited to have reported in the story that it displaced at least 61,000 people around the country. What about how many animals were displaced?

Yes, it might have solved the dengue problem with the Department of Health and other health and local government stakeholders “saved by the bell” but Milenyo brought more damage than smiles.  Read the dengue good news here.

I hope Milenyo did not start a streak of typhoons that could bring hell knows what damages. God have mercy!

Lumads’ voices sought in managing Davao City’s watershed

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/28 September) — The city government here is convening around 140 tribal leaders from its five major indigenous groups to draw out issues, concerns and their support for environmental protection, Councilor Leo Avila, chair of the City Council’s Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, said.

Avila said there is a need to meet with them and discuss their important role in watershed management.

Avila said they will to listen to the Lumads’ issues and concerns especially since there is a growing perception that they have become victims of parties who exploit Davao’s forest resources.

He said Davao City has listed several cases of violation of forest laws involving indigenous peoples who were lured to resort to illegal acts because of economic difficulties. Read story here.

Mindanao Bishops, Ulama to GRP-MILF: resume talks

Here’s a report by MindaNews’ Carolyn O. Arguillas on the sensitive peace process:

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/27 September) – Mindanao’s Catholic and Protestant
Bishops and Muslim Ulama have appealed to both government and the Moro Islamic
Liberation Front (MILF) peace panels to “return as soon as possible to the
negotiating table and resume talks through peaceful and respectful dialogue.”

“Dialogue, however long and tedious is the only human and humane way of
resolving human issues and problems,” the Bishops-Ulama Conference said in a
statement issued Wednesday night (September 27).

Established in November 1996 following the controversy over the creation of
the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development, the transitory
implementing mechanism agreed government offered to the Moro National
Liberation Front in the September 2, 1996 peace agreement, the BUC is composed
of 23 Catholic Bishops, 18 Protestant bishops and pastors, and 24 Muslim Ulama
in Mindanao.

“We and our people have waited with interest the results of the peace
negotiations since they started. We are dismayed and concerned that they have
been discontinued due to an impasse or an unresolved bone of contention. Urged
by the urgent needs of our respective constituencies, we respectfully appeal
to both peace panels to return as soon as possible to the negotiating table
and resume talks through peaceful and respectful dialogue,” the BUC said. Read story here.

Bukidnon’s Moro-Lumad pre-Hispanic peace pact featured in exhibit

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/27 Sept) — The indigenous peoples of Bukidnon and the Maranaos of neighboring Lanao province sealed a peace pact prior to The coming of the Spaniards, Bukidnon artist-researcher Erlow Talatala said. 

Talatala, president of the Association of Local Artists of Bukidnon (ALAB), will portray the peace pact and other facets of Bukidnon’s pre-Hispanic history in a solo exhibit tentatively set on October 24 at the Asian Hills Bank Centre in Malaybalay City.  

Only Bukidnon’s story during the Spaniard’s conquest is known to the people of Bukidnon that is why his team researched on the matter and chose it for the exhibit, Talatala told MindaNews in a recent interview.  

Even then, the Moro and Lumads in Mindanao have already worked for peace. “That is not quite known among people today,” he said. (To be updated)

Bukidnon to control entry of plants

Warning to all who want to bring seeds, seedlings and other planting materials to the province of Bukidnon.
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan passed on second reading this month an ordinance regulating the entry of these items to the province “to protect the province’s agriculture economy from threats of virulent plant pests and diseases.”

The ordinance is expected to be effective within the year as the province’s safety measure against crop damage and its resulting economic fallout, said lawyer Roland Deticio, chair of the council’s committee on laws and also vice-chair of the committee on agriculture.

The ordinance provides that “no person shall bring, transport, and introduce any plant and plant materials or any part thereof into the territory of the province.” The ordinance specified that no seeds, seed pieces, seedlings, cuttings, corms, tubers, suckers and crowns could be allowed entry to the province unless the bearer has a certification from the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) and the Department of Agriculture (DA). Read story here.