Fogged in Buda

The way from Bukidnon to Davao on September 4 was really very foggy, chilling and blue. When the bus started to climb up the hills of Quezon, Bukidnon I started to feel the temperature going down. The bus interior lights were also turned off.

I could see moist on the window glass. The biting cold entered my bones. It was still early (5 p.m.). It was raining along some parts of the trip.

I did not take my jacket out (stucked at the bottom of my bag). Not that I was really trying to brave it, but because taking the jacket out would mean disarranging my bag, what a mess could that be.

Thank God the bus steward was a son of the 1990s. He played beautiful alternative music on the stereo from Collective Soul, Eraserheads, River Maya among many others. I think he also got an album of music on rain from the Apo Hiking Society, Regine Velazquez and the alternative’s rain music.

With lights off, I sang along and sidelined the foggy evening trip.

When I stepped down from the bus four hours later I was the ‘Last Song Syndrome’ walking down the street with the Eraserhead’s “Overdrive” in my mind. It was a nice trip after all.


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