Truth is always disturbing. It does not appear attractive all the time. The case is the same with the perils of global warming. I intend to watch Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and I’m hoping I get this film as a frebbie. Of course I am willing to pay for it if only to make a statement that there’s a price to pay to understand the world.

Global warming was first explained to me in detail in 1993. As a third year high school student, I was sent with 14 others to the Global Youth Earthsaving Summit in Quezon City, Philippines. I remember the United Nations declared 1993 as the International Year of the Indigenous Peoples. That is why, among the highlights of the summit was a speech by Rigoberta Minchu (I’m not sure if the spellings are correct) Minchu was a Nobel Peace Laureatte and was from an indigenous peoples in Guatemala. The indigenous peoples around the world, in 1993, was already batting for the cut on the use of fossil fuels and CFC-emitting appliances.

Global warming is not a new issue. In 1993, it was already considered an “old story” that continues to happen. But maybe watching the film could help update us, if not help us understand the matter in a broader and perhaps full view.

Visit the film’s official website here.


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