Barely a month after a plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US was disrupted in Britain, here is Samson Macariola, styled an anti-terrorist expert, at the center of Philippine aviation security.

Did he really do a stunt that brought parts of a bomb pass airport security procedures? If indeed he was able to bring the materials inside the aircraft  undetected then why would he do that? Just to prove the airport’s security lapses? If so, what for? Who is he working for?  

Davao City Mayor Rodgrigo Duterte denied hiring him to conduct a test of aviation security. He said Macariola is a consultant of the city, yes, but just to give a seminar on explosives and other things.

Actually, while the mayor stressed that  Macariola is just a freelance lecturer, the contract of services Macariola signed with the city government of Davao, signed on July 3, says otherwise.

Macariola is actually stipulated as consultant or advisor of the city mayor on firearms and ammunition management services. He could actually represent the mayor on functions related to firearms and ammunitions management And so with many other functions.

But the mayor said he still does not know if the Samson Macariola he hired is the same person interviewed by journalist Arlyn dela Cruz who said he was able to carry a bomb part in the aircraft undetected.

Is he an anti-terrorism expert, an alarmist suicide bomber, ego-tripper or simply someone who wants public attention very badly?

Just as Duterte told reporters on the evening of Sept. 6 at the Kingdom hall of Pastor Apollo Quibuloy’s church beside the airport: Only Macariola and dela Cruz could answer.Now where are they? 


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