Legal Logging in Davao Oriental

(For an update on this post as of Sept. 9, click here.)
I think it was easier to be an environmentalist in the 80s than anyone could today. Of course, logging was already carried out both by legal and illegal means then. But today, when the forest resources are scarcer and reforestation is just as scarce, it would be hard.  

Bukidnon battled against logging concessionaires in the late 80s. The face of that struggle is Fr. Neri Satur who was killed at the height of the anti-logging mobilization in the province. Then, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (During Sec. Fulgencio Factoran’s time) was not quiet an easy partner of the people.

But today’s DENR, into both legal logging and also medium and large-scale mining, is touted to be “anti-environment”.

Friends from Davao Oriental reported that already a logging firm with an IFMA has already harvested forest trees and have started shipping the logs out of Mindanao via a port in  Cateel, Davao Oriental.   

The firm was given only two years, according to a source in the town, to harvest logs in its concession so that’s why the massive cutting.

Is this true?  Hopefully, we could generate updates on this issue soon. Very soon. 



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