Oooops …

Quite a funny experience, huh. When Microsoft introduced Windows XP’s replacement Windows Vista in Riga, the capital of Latvia, one of the republics of the former USSR, they drew flak. Vista means “fowl” in the Latvian language.

The report indicated that the company was able to turn the tides in their favor by making the act of being laughed at (or guffawed) into a positive thing –at least the software has a unique comic effect, that is. What?

What a sign of cultural insensitivity and imprudence. I couldn’t believe a company such as Microsoft could allow that to happen. You mean they didn’t research?

But at least now we know one Latvian word – vista. Or we could probably euphemize foul for “vista”. Hmmm.

Oh by the way, what does that word mean in Filipino? Cebuano? Maranao? Binukid? Go figure!


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