Durian Festival is it in Tagum City

City government officials said Tagum is also a “durian country” as it opens its annual durian festival on September 10, in a press conference this week.  


Faustino Salting, a consultant of the Tagum City local government, who briefed reporters on the city’s growing durian industry, said” We are also a durian country”.


The festival, now on its second year, will feature durian and durian by-products for sale in a month long trade fair and other activities. Durian growers in Davao del Norte and the city government organized the festival in 2005 in the hope that it will become one of the recognized festivals promoting abundant fruits produced in Southeastern Mindanao, according to a statement.  


Tagum City organized City Agriculture Officer Arsenio Nidoy said they do not intent to compete with Davao City in holding the festival. Organizers said Durian is widely grown around the Davao region, including surrounding provinces of Davao City.


Nidoy also noted that unlike other fruit festivals, the holding of the city’s Durian Festival is an indication of abundant harvest from plantations in the area.  He said there is no shortage of durian fruit supply in Southeastern Mindanao, the country’s leading source of durian. 


The festival, Nidoy said, could help them in their plan to expand their market for durian and its by-products.

The Tagum City Tourism Council scheduled activities from September 10-17 based on a brochure for the festival. Watch out for updates here.


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One response to “Durian Festival is it in Tagum City”

  1. rommel nidoy says :

    I am more interested and its my priviledge to Meet Mr Arsenio Nidoy from south.

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