“Istambay” in web search

Web researchers typed the following phrases (inside qoutation marks) in search engines that brought them to the Istambay sa Mindanao blog: “boston davao oriental”  Davao Oriental is in the news for the call of groups there to impose the total log ban.

mindanao map food production” “sec. fulgencio factoran” I think he was the DENR secretary when the total log ban was imposed in Bukidnon in the late 1980s during the Aquino administration.   “mangima off road pictures” Mangima is the scenic part of the national highway along Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It is dubbed as the “Kennon Road” of Northern Mindanao.

“Regine Velazquez” Wow, I’m linked with the Songbird in the internet? Oh boy ,  it must be when I mentioned “rain” songs in my post “Fogged in Buda”. It rained on my recent trip from  Bukidnon to Davao and the bus played a home-made record of ulan or rain songs including that of Ms. Velasquez.    

“how to go to davao from bukidnon” Some people are really expecting the internet to give them directions. But this is a good sign.“mindanao updates” I think its the “Mindanao” tag. I’m not really sure if I’m giving an iota of Mindanao updates.“maramag city” Someone is really anticipating the division of Bukidnon into two provinces. If Bukidnon del Sur gets a Senate nod, proponents of the new province want Maramag to be capital . But an alleged plebescite preferred my  mother’s home town  Don Carlos as capital. I also undertsand that there is a moratorium on the creation o f new cities. “water situation in davao city” I  think this blog has something about this esp. with posts on the aerial spray  ban and also the supp osed IRR of the city’s water code.“MOSQUE MINDANAO PHOTOS” I haven’t posted photos because I’m still trying to figure  how to do it with WordPress. But yes, I think this blog mentioned  about mosques in my  post on my Maranao friends I cited in the Arabic language and Islamic values education mainstreamed by DepEd.  

“alpha phi omega cebu” I think I mentioned APO in my  post on Justice Sec. Raul  Gonzales when he censured the University of the Philippines for being allegedly a breeding ground for destabilizers and also “where nude men go around in campus” referring to the fraternity’ traditional oblation run.     
“Philippine Carabao Milk Yield” Carabao milk? Wow ! There’s a lot of them in the Philippine Carabao Center in Maramag, Bukidnon’ s Central Mi ndanao University. I also mentioned about milk in my blog on the country’s milk code. By the way , the Supreme Court favored the pharma and milk  companies and issued a TRO on the implementation of the code’s IRR. In short, formula milk ads still can ‘t be banned, for one.   

“bukidnon” I have many post on Bukidnon, its my  home province.

“jose rizal love affairs” Wow, as in I’m electronically linked to  the national  hero for God-knows what  reasons. “her costume caught fire” This is such a wayward search. Of course in my  blog, “her” got a name in the person of the late Ms. Cheryl Sarate. Sarate died on a beauty pagent fire that burned her costume. She eventually died of third degree burns at the Mindanao Burn Center at the Davao Medical Center. Her parents are now filing a case or is it the National Bureau of Investigators against her school, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP). They are looking at negligence resulting to homicide , among other  cases. 

“oona barreto” She is the Pinoy Dream Academy scholar from Malaybalay City.


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