The Butcher

The “dead man walking” is due to be recycled.President Arroyo, consistent in this field, named Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, outgoing commander of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division to a new post.Palparan, upon retirement will be the deputy for anti-insurgency operations at the National Security Council, according to chief of staff Michael Defensor.

The controversial general, due for retirement on Sept. 11, is “dead man walking” to the New Peoples’ Army.

I don’t know the general and not so privy about why he got the “butcher” tag. But he told Manila-based reporters he has reaped attention from it and to his advantage. So he is happy to be called a butcher? Isn’t that a corruption of morals of a security official? I have observed that the military and police have used positive tags to describe their role such as “The Peacemakers”.

Palparan is of course, no less, the poster boy of the government’s all-out war against the NPA. Beside’s its the NPA who named names. A psywar glut as he is, the general gladly turned the tides against them.  I’m afraid Palparan gets too popular and ends up a senator or even President someday! Hoefully, he doesn’t get a job that makes him dip so much in Mindanao. Read about his new position here.


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