His vs. her words as Macariola speaks

Weapons and security expert Samson Macariola finally spoke on Sept. 8 about the Inquirer report on Sept. 1 tagging him for an alleged aviation security breach. He said “there was really no test, no explosive smuggled in”.

He claimed in his interview with the Inquirer here that Arlyn dela Cruz’s report got “many inconsistencies”. MindaNews has reported from Davao City about how Mayor Rodrigo Duterte looked at the Inquirer report and at Macariola’s intent for the interview here and here.

Dela Cruz also told GMA TV news program “24 Oras” that she is standing by her report. She alleged Macariola is just watering down the report due to pressure from authorities.

At one point, I emphatize with Macariola for this grave mistake. He is saying his life is ruined now, but is it not of his own making? Why did he grant the interview in the first place? Dela Cruz also, apparently, has a record of her own questionable exploits as a journalist just like how Newsbreak reported here in 2002.

For all parties involved in this controversy, we pray for: honesty, courage, humility and love for others over personal gains.

But I really pray that truth will prevail soon. It has now become a tug-of-war in public opinion. Authorities should tell us the truth about this and not leave us grappling in the dark. As of today, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said Macariola apologized to him in a text message. Duterte said Macariola is fired because his contract is automatically terminated.


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2 responses to “His vs. her words as Macariola speaks”

  1. mac mendoza says :

    guys, we should look on the positive side and not on the negative side. did something happened to the said airplane? if none, then it was done for a good reason (if it really happened). look at the airport now…… they’re improving i should say…. and the issue has a positive feedback and it did not hurt anybody except the income of mr macariola…… pity on him…. people of the philippines should have thank him instead if it was true. it helped the government prevents possible terrorist attack in the airplane…. im from mindanao but i really appreciate what the guy did (if he did that)… i hope he keep it up! for the news journalist…. ammm what can i say its her work and she earns her living from it….. she has to do it to live not because of our country but for her duty and that’s what the company paid her for…..

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