Post 9/11 reality in Mindanao

I admit I haven’t done anything today to mark the anniversary of the September 11 attack of the World Trade Center in New York City. At least, nothing worth blogging about. Maybe, Merpu Roa, the New York-based MindaNews colleague would send in fillers about what’s going on there.

But I still think 12 midnight shouldn’t pass before I could post my own reflections about that historic event. These are not world-changing texts but take this as little points to a big cataclysmic event.

Five years after 9/11, I think the world is far-from safe.  For me, 9/11 is a Big Bang caused by many years of world powers’ long date with greed, selfishness, and domination.

Not that terror can justify terror. No one has the right to take life and sow fear on innocent people. But 9/11 has placed our generation in the meat of this reality.

Even if I’m from Mindanao, thousands of miles away from conflict point, I felt the terror and sadness of that historic day. Terrorism sucks.

The far-reaching response to that tragedy —war in Irag and more hostilities elsewhere in the world —even to the outskirts of Jolo, Sulu is the real consequence. It made multiplier effects to security and peacefulness.  

The pain of this is that it started a war much bigger than we thought it to be. Even worst than a supposed “Third World War”. iThere are points in history that wars were fought only between tribes, kingdoms or empires. In the 20th century the World Wars came. Now this war is fought with no frames: borderless, no time dimension, no face, no identity just violence and terror.

In this, the world becomes Mindanao; or Mindanao becomes the world – a war front. Even if we know that no-amount of peace work can overcome terror; but peace work have to be done. We have no choice but cling on the last chance within our reach. Otherwise, we’ll all go to extinction without really trying.   


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2 responses to “Post 9/11 reality in Mindanao”

  1. khan says :

    america is biggest terrorist in the world…911 is in result of his terrorism….america killed his own people in world trade centre on 911…he made planning of this terrorism because he want to destroy the afghanistan………… everyone in the world knows that america is he BIGGEST TERRORIST in the world……u can research on 911……….there r many question….about 911………????????????????????

  2. mindanaw says :

    Hi Khan,
    Thanks for the comment. Yes I meant that when I said it is “a Big Bang caused by many years of world powers’ long date with greed, selfishness, and domination.” It was a bad English for: America’s “superpower” toyed so much with terrorism, it has become its own victim”. I’m sure a lot of questions about 911. But I still think no country can deliberately and directly kill its people just likee in the World Trade Center. I’m sure it was done by terrorists (as to who I have no idea.) But certainly, it was triggered by America’s own making.

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