Did aerial spraying cause this ‘rare disease?’

Did aerial spraying cause Keratosis follicularis, a rare disease diagnosed in a woman living near a banana plantation here? Dermatologist Maria Myla Alvarado of the Davao Medical Center did not think so, saying the disease is genetic. 

On Sept. 13, Lapanday Development Corporation company physician Dr. Luzviminda Floresca asked Alvarado to present her findings on victim Flor Watin, 31, mother of seven. 

Watin, who lives in Rice Mill, Mandug, Davao City, near a banana plantation owned by Lapanday Development Corporation, is in the limelight of the public debate on the proposed ban on aerial spraying. 

In the Sept. 12 episode of GMA television program “Reporters’ Notebook”, she was portrayed as having been contaminated with chemicals used in aerial spraying. Read the whole report.


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