Kampai to PCIJ’s Ms. Sheila Coronel

Congratulations to Ms. Sheila Coronel of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. She has moved to Columbia University in New York as a graduate school of journalism professor and as director of a new investigative journalism center. Read her “valedictory” blog hereIt’s a great honor that a Filipino journalist will head that center in the prestigiousColumbia
University. This is a proof of the Filipino being at par with the world.
But of course, it’s also a great loss for Philippine Journalism.
Magsaysay Awardee Sheila Coronel is no doubt one of our bests, if not our best. Like any prominent and respected personality, she has not only helped in a functional way but also inspirational.

Though I regard her decision with high respect, I really felt bad hearing about it on Sept. 11.   If a well-respected, good and helpful person leaves, it has an impact on morale. It draws attention to the suppose exodus of Filipinos to the world. To say a brain drain is an understatement.
We are ought to lose some warm bodies here who are source of inspiration not only to many journalists but to Filipinos in general.  
But this is not to question her decision. Maybe this is just to state what consequence or sacrifice is there in good decisions. Ms. Coronel said she could bring back what she could learn from there in the same way she is bringing her experiences here to America. 
‘m sure she had inspired many Sheila Coronels and PCIJs to take on the rigors of investigative journalism in the Philippines.Perhaps, inspiration should be drawn from the PCIJ, which she nurtured for many years. God Bless you Ms. Coronel and the PCIJ.  


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