Gov’t salaries to be raised at par with market by July 2007?

The government will adjust salaries of public sector workers starting July 2007 to make them at par with the market, Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya, Jr. said here Friday.

Andaya said the government already has the money to implement a wage hike for its employees. The last time there was a salary increase was in 2001.

Government workers will get pay increases starting 2007 after the Arroyo administration allotted a total of P172.3 billion to cover annual increases until 2010.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) was earlier reported as saying that the government will spend P10.3 billion in 2007, P32.1 billion in 2008, P55 billion in 2009, and P74.9 billion in 2010 for the salary increases. [TBU]


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One response to “Gov’t salaries to be raised at par with market by July 2007?”

  1. hankar says :

    Well done to Tamilnadu Government Chief Minister who is doing such a wonderful job to Government Employees and teachers.We just can not just forget this gratitude of his generousity and cleverness. We employees missed him for the past five years.No chief Minister has given D.A.hike of 5 % increase to employees.We are very much thankful to him.
    He should do such more help to person who are in need.Thanks to the chief Minister.

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