The World I Know

I probably spent one of the best years in my life so far in 1996. It was a year of discoveries for me. It was a year of poetry. It was a year of active student activities and great academic challenges. It was a year of sports, gaining more confidence for both basketball, tennis, and biking.

But it was the year I almost flunked swimming classes with the cumbersome threading exercises.It was the year I met some people who brought me to work with progressive organizations. It was a year of community work and great afternoons with fisherfolks by the shores of Miagao. It was a year of good and bad relationships. It was the year I met the Lord.

I think it was a year after I graduated from the damning Saturdays with the ROTC. It was also a great year for U.P. to think over its idle assets.

It was above all a year of lessons learned.

Was it a year when I know myself much much better? Well, I could best remember 2006 with my first copy of the Collective Soul’s music. It was a Cassette tape! Was it also the year of Collective Soul and alternative music?

I was on my way to Kalibo, Aklan for an excursion in our Philippine Economic History class. On the way, we played wonderful music. Among those was our teacher’s Collective Soul album. I thought when I first heard their music that it was a good one. When we returned to Iloilo, I went to the records store and bought my own copy. I got many favorites at that time. My top three choices were “The World I know“, “Run“, and “Shine“.

Collective Soul was probably my first favorite foreign band after highschool sensations like Guns N’ Roses, White Lion, and Jon Bon Jovi. My local band favorite was the ultraelectromagnetic pop icon, the Eraserheads (of yesteryears).

But I lost my CS copy in 1998. Since then, I could only hear CS and their songs occasionally.

But thanks to YouTube, I reclaimed old connections. I found their music once again in the internet. It felt so good to revisit that wonderful segment of world history from my point of view.  I really felt good turning back time. Revisiting the past through music.


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