Bukidnon to control entry of plants

Warning to all who want to bring seeds, seedlings and other planting materials to the province of Bukidnon.
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan passed on second reading this month an ordinance regulating the entry of these items to the province “to protect the province’s agriculture economy from threats of virulent plant pests and diseases.”

The ordinance is expected to be effective within the year as the province’s safety measure against crop damage and its resulting economic fallout, said lawyer Roland Deticio, chair of the council’s committee on laws and also vice-chair of the committee on agriculture.

The ordinance provides that “no person shall bring, transport, and introduce any plant and plant materials or any part thereof into the territory of the province.” The ordinance specified that no seeds, seed pieces, seedlings, cuttings, corms, tubers, suckers and crowns could be allowed entry to the province unless the bearer has a certification from the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) and the Department of Agriculture (DA). Read story here.


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