Bukidnon’s Moro-Lumad pre-Hispanic peace pact featured in exhibit

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/27 Sept) — The indigenous peoples of Bukidnon and the Maranaos of neighboring Lanao province sealed a peace pact prior to The coming of the Spaniards, Bukidnon artist-researcher Erlow Talatala said. 

Talatala, president of the Association of Local Artists of Bukidnon (ALAB), will portray the peace pact and other facets of Bukidnon’s pre-Hispanic history in a solo exhibit tentatively set on October 24 at the Asian Hills Bank Centre in Malaybalay City.  

Only Bukidnon’s story during the Spaniard’s conquest is known to the people of Bukidnon that is why his team researched on the matter and chose it for the exhibit, Talatala told MindaNews in a recent interview.  

Even then, the Moro and Lumads in Mindanao have already worked for peace. “That is not quite known among people today,” he said. (To be updated)


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