DOH reports ’emerging’ disease from raw fish in Bukidnon

The Department of Health office in Bukidnon reported the emergence of heterophyidiasis, an emerging disease in the province seen to be worse than schistosomiasis. Heterophyidiasis, according to Dr. Vincent C. Raguro in a statement given to MindaNews, is an infection of the small intestines caused by intestinal flukes infected by eating raw or “insufficiently” cooked fish. He said the disease is endemic in 59 barangays from 10 municipalities and two cities in the province.

As of August, the DOH identified 592 individuals who turned out to be positive of the disease out of the 2,739 examined in the endemic areas. “But the real situation is yet to be determined,” Raguro said in a statement, adding that what they are seeing is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

Treatment officer Nestor Sotelo said they are constrained by lack of funds for fuel and other operating expenses to conduct tests all over the province.

He said they have so far monitored only two cases out of the three fatalities this year, in San Jose in Malaybalay City and in New Kidapawan in Kibawe.Read story here.


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3 responses to “DOH reports ’emerging’ disease from raw fish in Bukidnon”

  1. Thamesportal says :

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  2. rose abecia says :

    can you site definite location in bukidnon or whole mindanao who has this disease… we would like to know more about this… thanks

  3. Istambay says :

    Thanks Rose for dropping by. I mentioned two locations in the report. In San Jose, Malaybalay City and New Kidapawan in Kibawe. The rest of Mindanao? They said somewhere near the Bukidnon border of Davao City, but still unverified.

    I must admit, I havent updated this report. I’ll update you if I have more. I would also appreciate if you could give me more info about you and when you said “we” is that a group of doctors? I am just wondering, I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    – Istambay sa Mindanao

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