Welcome! This is the first day of October. As has been tradition in this blog, I welcome the entry of another month with “first day high”!

It would be an understatement to say September was a great month. As usual, Septembers were months of milestones for me. There were too many of these to mention here but I know September is really one month to watch for every year.

Beyond the personal realm, September is also a month of feats for Mindanao, with, for one, the September 2, 1996 signing of the Final Peace Agreement between the government and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Too bad we had September 11 in New York in 2001 and of course September 21 in 1972. 

But now that October is here, I’d like to believe it is still a month for celebrations. Is it the Germans who hold annual October-fest and flood street parties with beer? I’m no German like the Pope, but I guess (with fingers crossed) this month has a lot of good news to offer. 

In the final analysis, I still believed it’s not really months that determine when blessings would come down from heaven. Yes, with full conviction I still believe that in His own mysterious ways and His own time, it still God who plans and make things happen.

So even if October may not turn out well, I’ll still brace through it with trust and confidence, and with blessings in mind. With beer or no beer! Ciao! 


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

3 responses to “October-fest!”

  1. Walter says :

    I can only imagine your grumbles … Nagkataon lang na I do a month end reflection so natural na meron akong month opener. It’s quite corny but nothing to lose anyway. hehe. besides, nothing else to blog about these days (or should I say tinamad ako!) hahaa.

    Thanks anyway,


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