Duterte blinks on aerial spraying ban proposal

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/01 October) — Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has changed tack. From strongly worded calls to ban aerial spraying by banana plantations onthe basis of precautionary principles, he has now sought for “hard evidence”first on allegations the practice causes health and environmental hazards.

In today’s episode of the city government’s television program “Gikan saMasa, Para sa Masa” (From the people, for the people), Duterte asked for 10days to “conduct a survey” on the issue.

The mayor said his earlier stand was based only on his personal take on theissue. He said the survey, likened to an actuarial survey conducted byinsurance firms, could be a joint executive and legislative undertaking.

He clarified he was still neutral on the issue and that “whatever decisionwe can come up with, it will be anchored on hard evidence, not onunsubstantiated claims.”

City Councilor Leo Avila, who chairs the committee on environment proposingthe ban ordinance, clarified to MindaNews in a message Sunday that the mayoronly wanted “something to support the ban”.

The pronouncement came six days after the mayor met with officials of the

Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA). Read story here.


[Thanks to those who posted comments. This is a free country and your comments are welcome. I also would like to manifest that bloggers who leave footprints should be responsible for their comments. I believe it is timely for me to manifest that as much as I welcome comments here, it doesn’t mean I’m owning those message. I greatly respect the right of people to express their thoughts in the same way I respect the rights of people like government officials to be shielded from below the belt attacks.]


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3 responses to “Duterte blinks on aerial spraying ban proposal”

  1. Eric Santos says :

    What do u expect from duterte?I lived in Davao long enought to witness
    his rotten political style,Im now based in the U.S,still he hasn’t changed
    a bit.He tend to play toughie and pro poor,but the truth is he stands in
    anything that will serve his personal interest.All the killings in davao,every
    body knows he’s got a hand on it,most of those killed are alleged criminals,
    and most of them are poor.There are lots of bigtime corrupt officials in the city hall,which steals millions from the people,yet he has not done anything
    about it.So can you tell duterte to cut the bullshit?

  2. bananas says :


  3. Mr.C says :

    Kung naay burikat nga pulitiko,mao na si Duterte.
    Bilangkad sa military,bilangkad sa npa.Paisog-isog
    dayon para bilib and tao.

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