What’s happening to “Nicole’s” case vs. the Americans?

It appears that the prosecutors are in disarray and that they are losing foothold in the case against four American soldiers accused of raping a Filipina in Subic Bay.

State Prosecutor Hazel Valdez disputed the decision of her colleagues at the prosecution team to end thier presentation of rebuttal evidence.

She also said the decision was not discussed neither she was consulted about it. Read the story here. The decision ended the hearing on the case of rape against American serviceman Lance Corporal Daniel Smith.

“Nicole’s” private prsecutor Evalyn Ursua lamented the alleged incompetence of the state prosecutors. Judge Benjamin Pozon already set promulgation on November 27. Read the other story here. Will they be able to win this? Based on what I’ve read, not at the rate that it’s going.


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