Congressmen debate over proposal to divide Bukidnon

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/10 Oct) — Bukidnon Representatives Nereus Acosta and
Juan Miguel Zubiri are set to face each other for the first time in a
public forum in Bukidnon on the proposed bill to divide Bukidnon into
two provinces.

Zubiri sponsored House Bill 3312, which proposes the creation of the
province of Bukidnon del Sur. The move was opposed by Acosta, who is
pushing not to divide the province.

The square off between Acosta (1st District) and Zubiri (3rd
District), according to the announcement furnished to MindaNews, will
be on Oct. 18 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Bukidnon State College

Zubiri proposed a new province with 10 municipalities, namely,
Maramag, Quezon, Pangantucan, Don Carlos, Dangcagan, Kibawe,
Kadinglan, Kataotao, Damulog and Kalilangan. The component cities of
Malaybalay and Valencia will remain in the “Province of Bukidnon” with
10 other municipalities.

Critics of the move hit Zubiri for alleged political maneuvering over
the public consultation process of the proposed legislation. Read story here.


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4 responses to “Congressmen debate over proposal to divide Bukidnon”

  1. Terence says :

    Acosta should not act like that… it is for the prosperity of our dear province.

  2. Onyok Damulog says :

    Just a two cents worth:

    Zubiri’s proposal to divide Bukidnon may not be totally borne out selfish, presevist politics but rather a product of a realization that after all, his family (actually only him and his father) can never wrest total control of the huge province.

    For one, the Acostas from the north will most likely remain a thorn on the side of the Zubiris. But of course, the Acosta have really what it would take leaders to introduce good gevernance. In terms of greymatter, Nereus is far more endowed compared to the ex-Closeupper Zubiri. The latter may be good at charming people, but that does not necessarily amount to effective and efficient leadership.

    After the older Zubiri bows out of office come 2010, and the congressman now on his last term, there seems to be nowhere to go for the father-and-son tandem in terms of future political directions. Unless, of course the duo can bargain with Malacanang for a lucrative post in the national government. But it seems they don’t have what it takes to dangle any.

    Of course, there’s business to attend to. But then, how can they simple let go of Bukidnon politics where they are lording it over for nearly two decades now. The Fortiches are now history, a bad one at that. Bobby Montalvan is no better than they. The erstwhile Nimitz Beltran must have succumed to the politics of survival or too old to resist the charisma of Joe Zubiri.

    Insofar as political reforms in the province can be expected, there seems to be no hope if we expect it from the present administration, from the capitol down to the last district–third district, where the younger Zubiri is lording it over.

    The division is but a diversion. It shows that the governor is not in the position to effect the necessary reforms under any pretext. For the last five years, Bukidnon still remains a what it was before–a dreamy, rather sleepy, pineapple country. Investments are hard to come by, nor even tourism. Of course there is Kaamulan, but beyond its pretentious celebrations, it never registered significant tourism dollars.

    The division is a glaring example of incapacity of the provincial government and of its legislative representation in Congress for how can you be more efficient that in pooling the vast resource of the province. Zubiri’s proposal is reflective of a defective model of thinking that small political units are easily manageable. We can allow some tolerance, however. But while the proposal is trying to achieve something noble on the surface, it hides beneath a great shortcoming. And that is the inability to govern the relatively governable province. Pangasinan has one governor, as well as Negros Occidental. These are huge provinces, but they are fairly managed political units on their own.

  3. Istambay says :

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  4. Chaqy says :

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