Partial list of wounded/dead in Makilala blast

Here is a partial list of the wounded persons (and their place of
residence) in the Makilala blast.This data is from the Mindanews new service.
Sorry we don't have other details.

1.   Edwin Cordoncillo, Makilala
2.   Angelo Paquira, Makilala
3.   Edelyn Tajan-tajan, Makilala
4.   Reynaldo Rosales, Toril in Davao City
5.   Loisa Tajan-tajan, Makilala
6.   Isidro Salupan, Calinan in Davao City
7.   Ryan Rosales, Toril in Davao City
8.   Jodifer Palgan, Makilala
9.   Ruvelyn Enorme
10. Cora Emboc
11. Victorino Edulantes, Makilala
12. Roland Tuadles, Makilala
13. Jimmy Garciano, Makilala
14. Josie Dingal, Makilala
15. Julio Caliao, Makilala
16. Ruben Panerio, Makilala
17. Samuel Sapay, Makilala
18. Rene Villamor, Makilala
19. Mary Joy Panerio, Makilala
20. Jeffrey Batican, Makilala
21. Alfredo Castro
22. Aniana Ramil
23. Aquilino Renegado
24. Jay Anthony Casile
25. Rene Villano
26. Marcial Pasco
27. Vicente Murillo
28. Lilybeth Dabon
29. Jaime Dabon
30. Alfredo castro

1.    Gerelyn Parba
2.    One surnamed Tajan-tajan

About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

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