DTI: Sub-standard cement from China monitored in Davao, Gensan

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/12 October) — The Department of Trade and Industry has
monitored the illegal distribution of an estimated 30,000 bags of sub-standard
cement imported from China, in some construction sites in Davao and General
Santos cities, Marizon Loreto, DTI assistant regional director, told reporters

The volume is a fourth of the 118,000 bags shipped in July from China but held
in a warehouse here after its importer failed to pass an imported goods
quality test, Loreto said.

The DTI described the cement to have “a very high soluble content” and “can
hardly withstand pressure, making it dangerous to use”.

A DTI inspection team discovered the release on October 11, while monitoring
the warehouse, Loreto told MindaNews.

Loreto said the DTI is yet to find out how Philman Commercial, Manila-based
importer of the Horse brand cement, was able to get the goods out of the
warehouse for distribution. Read the full story here.


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5 responses to “DTI: Sub-standard cement from China monitored in Davao, Gensan”

  1. Leslie Jose says :

    Hi. Just in case you’re interested, here’s the latest from the Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines on Horse cement:


    The Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) has asked the Department of Trade and Industry to locate and withdraw about 30,000 bags of low quality Chinese Horse Brand cement which have been illegally released for sale in Davao City and nearby General Santos City.

    “To protect consumers from the dangers of using substandard cement products, we request the Trade department to trace the buyers of the Horse brand and take back the products to prevent accidents that may occur after using the low quality cement,” CeMAP President Ernesto M. Ordoñez said.

    The Chinese cement had been previously banned from being sold in the market after failing critical parameters such as the autoclave expansion and the 7-day quality testing conducted by the DTI. Due to this, the importers were not able to secure an Import Commodity Clearance from the Bureau of Product Standards. The brand also was discovered to be lacking the required permanent bag markings such as the name and address of the manufacturer, the country of manufacture, the type of Portland cement, and the batch identification number, which were designed to ensure consumer safety.

    CeMAP also commended the DTI for padlocking the warehouse containing the remainder of the over 118,000 bags of Horse brand cement on October 19, and for filing charges against the importer of the Chinese cement. “We commend the DTI for acting on this problem,” Ordoñez said.

    He further said that the next step is for the Trade department to immediately work on retrieving the cement that was sold which could lead to serious structural failure due to its poor performance. “This is especially important given the Milenyo disaster in which many lives were lost because of substandard construction materials,” Ordoñez said.

    The former Trade official also cited the recent earthquakes which jolted both Davao City and General Santos City, saying “The Horse brand failed in the test for compressive strength. This means that its binding force falls below the required minimum strength limit. A building using this cement is unsafe and susceptible to collapse in the event of an earthquake. Thus, consumers patronizing this substandard cement are risking life and limb.”

    Importers of the Horse brand cement, Ordoñez says, must be penalized so that their case may serve as an example to other importers. “We request that the erring parties be immediately meted out the corresponding punishment,” he said.

    27 October 2006

  2. Walter says :

    Hi Leslie, thanks for posting this. Are you from CeMAP? Kindly furnish an e-copy of the letter if you can or at least some contact numbers so I could verify. Thanks.

  3. mindanaw says :

    Hi LEslie. please disregard my request. We got a fax from CeMAP yesterday. thanks.

  4. Leslie Jose says :

    Hi Walter! I’m the PR consultant of CeMAP. Thanks for coming to our press conference last Monday, and for writing about the issue. 🙂

  5. Istambay says :

    Yes, thanks for dropping by too.

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