Duterte to name Maguindanao mayor in drug mess

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/12 October) — Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will name “in three to four days” the “mayor from Maguindanao” whom intelligence reports tagged to drug trafficking, following a dare from two of Maguindanao’s 28 town mayors to identify the suspect. “The challenge is good and I am accepting it,” he told Davao-based reporters Wednesday afternoon.

He said he is duty-bound to give in to a demand for public information on the issue, citing the constitutional right of the public to information.

Mayors Talib Abo of Parang, Maguindanao and  Tocao Mastura of Sultan Kudarat also in Maguindanao, reportedly sought an end to the guessing game, as it put all 28 mayors suspect.

Davao City police chief Catalino Cuy said on Oct. 6 that they had been monitoring the Maguindanao mayor’s whereabouts but could not give a time frame as to when to identify him. Read the full story here.


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