Is unity likely among feuding biz leaders in Mindanao?

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/15 Nov) — Is the division among Mindanao
business groups for good?

New leaders of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in
Mindanao faced the media Wednesday pushing to move forward for a “One
Global Mindanao” but Mindanao Business Council chair Romeo Serra said
“patching up is immaterial”.

Estrellita Juliano-Tamano, new PCCI Mindanao area vice president, said
during the Club 888 press conference at the Marco Polo Hotel here that
“the door is open for unity”.

But she also cited the possibility of filing a case against MinBC officials.

PCCI officials said they are off from the MinBC, which cut its ties
with PCCI through an amendment of its by-laws on Oct. 23. MinBC chair
Romeo Serra told reporters an hour later a prospect of reunification
is nil with “win-win solutions already over”. Read full story here.


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One response to “Is unity likely among feuding biz leaders in Mindanao?”

  1. melbourne says :

    The news about Romeo Serra is profoundly correct. This guy loves to sow split ups and reap feuds and anxiety among all the people he get in contact with.
    Be careful, you might be the next victim. He was instrumental my first husband died in 1997.

    Drop a line on my email to learn more.

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