Suspect in PDEA drug list killed in ambush

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/04 December) —  A suspected drug trafficker nabbed in Cotabato City for carnapping charges last week was killed in a noontime ambush by two motorcycle-riding men in Bangkal area here, police said.  Chief Inspector Matthew Baccay, Talomo police chief said Lindongan Sinsuat, of Cotabato City, died on the spot along the highway near Royal Valley at 11:30 a.m. Monday.

Baccay told MindaNews they have witnesses who said two men riding on a motorcycle fired at the passenger van carrying Sinsuat. Two of three women passengers were injured and brought to Davao Doctors’ Hospital. 

The flash report filed by investigator Esteban Fernandez, however, identified the victim as Ting A. Tula, 40, from Kabacan, North Cotabato. 

But Baccay told reporters that the slain man was Sinsuat, the same person tagged by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) as part of the drug matrix Mayor Rodrigo Duterte presented to the city council here in October. Read full story here.


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5 responses to “Suspect in PDEA drug list killed in ambush”

  1. Y.Ossuf says :

    Tsk.tsk..tsk..another handiwork of Davao death squad.
    You guys from other town never learn your lesson.
    Dont mess up with Mayor Duterte’s city.He read
    your name,your dead.The mayor works with miracle,
    isn’t it?

  2. T.Pascua says :

    Tinutoo lang ni Digong ang kanyang banta,
    uubusin nya ang mga muslim na magkakalat
    sa davao.

  3. david says :

    salamat sa mayor namin,maraming salamat.dapat lang yan sa mga taong walang silbi sa lipunan.

  4. Mr.C says :

    For those who had no relatives killed by DDS,for those whos relative
    is not a victim of mistaken identity,its so easy to say”GOOD FOR THEM”.
    But sooner or later,youl feel it,when time comes that your son,brother,un-
    cle,cousin is the next one shot or stabbed to death.I’ll bet,you’ll have a
    share of the pain and anguish.If not today,tommorow for sure.

  5. Jun P. says :

    For those who said Dapat lang yan sa mga taong walang silbi
    sa lipunan,you’re one ignorant and idiot person.Summary exe-
    cution has no place in a civilized world.Thats why we have DUE
    PROCESS of law,and its guaranteed by our constitution.You
    need to go back to school or to stone age.

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