Duterte’s American irk

The fiesty Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte gets fighting stance whenever the Americans are subjected to a press query. He has in recent recent years become one of the most publicly-audible bashers of the American presence in Mindanao. One time he clarified that his ire is more on the presence of American soldiers, not the Americans entirely.

He has talked (January 24) of cutting the American male’s organ if he rapes a Davaoeña amid the furor on convicted rapist Lance Corporal Daniel Smith.

When asked about the American and Filipino soldiers joint military exercises in the Philippines’ shift of focus on humanitarian effort: he spelled profanities and bucked the claim. So as this report says.


About mindanaw

A Journalist from Mindanao

One response to “Duterte’s American irk”

  1. Jun.P says :

    Duterte just want to look like toughie among his constituents.Americans
    should keep an eye on this terrorist,he’s been terrorizing davao city
    for years already using his DDS(Davao Death Squad).He comes to
    America once in a while to relax,everybody knows he has an estate in
    the U.S.Let him come to America and will see if he can cut an american

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