(Updated) Melo’s omissions?

Columnist H. Marcos C. Mordeno’s recent piece points out a criticism on the results of the Melo Commision. It was tasked to investigate the unabated extrajudicial killings of militant activists under the Arroyo administration.

Based on its major findings made known to the media, Mordeno said, the Malacañang-created probe body is “setting the stage for an eventual whitewash”.

He said the report defies good logic and fails to factor in the context and political environment within which the killings were carried out. It made sure that unfounded claims of purges within the Left coming from the military are included
in the report.

The report blames security forces for the killings. However, it absolves their superiors, Mordeno said, by saying that the soldiers acted on their own.

Is it another way of saying that anti-Red hunters like retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan and others like him cannot be held accountable for these crimes?


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2 responses to “(Updated) Melo’s omissions?”

  1. Prab says :


    Blog hopping found me here, hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    It’s just sad that Justice Melo allowed himself to be used by the government’s whitewash of the killings of leftist activists and journalists, when it can be said that from the start, it was as lopsided thing.

    Most of the facts given to the commission came from the military, and yes, like you pointed out, people in authority like Maj. Palparan, and PGMA were absolved. The commission seemed to have conveniently forgotten about the term “command responsibility.”

    Then people like Justice Gonzalez blames the leftists for not cooperating, but daring them to come out is almost equal to the eyewitnesses signing their own death warrant.

  2. Istambay says :

    Thanks Prab for the visit and the comment. You have a neat and substantive blog, by the way.

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