Bangladesh grew faster than RP?

Well, at least the Business Mirror editorial on Feb. 2 said so. Bangladeshi Gross National Product (GNP) increased by 7 percent while the Philippines lags at 5.3 percent?

The ditorial pointed out that Bangladesh was able to do it despite political stalemate.  It went further that the government is the real problem why the economy did not grow as high as that of its neighbors.


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2 responses to “Bangladesh grew faster than RP?”

  1. Jun P. says :

    Thats a sad fact,we used to be the deve-
    loped nation in the southeast,south korea,singapore,malaysia,thailand and
    other asean nations was lagging behind
    us.Vietnam has overtaken us,now not
    surprising Bangladesh.If we will not
    do something about the graft and corrup-
    tion in our government,we will find our
    nation back in stone age.

  2. Sir Martin says :

    Wow. And Bangladesh (tied with Chad) is the most corrupt country in the world. Amazing.

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