Point of intervention

It will be a case of a national government official intervening with the affairs of the local government, which is supposed to be autonomous.
At least, that is what Davao City Councilor Leo Avila III said of Agriculture Sec. Arthur Yap’s alleged intervention for the council’s reconsideration of its ordinance banning aerial spraying in Davao City.
If Yap indeed will meet the officials of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association this Friday, how will that impact into the process of legislating the ban?
As of this posting, the ordinance is yet to be signed or be vetoed by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Avila said the Office of Vice Mayor Luis Bonguyan has not yet transmitted it.
PBGEA seems to have accepted the banning, contesting now the phase out period of three months, instead of their appeal for 25 years. Many said PBGEA’s 25-year offer is extreme. Isn’t the ordinance’s three-month phase out period extreme, too?
Avila said they were only trying to make a strong message that the city government is keen on the ban. But PBGEA said: What about our costs? Will Yap be able to pull a solution to this? Is he supposed to intervene in the first place? Will Duterte blink again and concede to one of Davao’s top earning industries?


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