Duterte runs test on daughter’s bid as running mate

What is in a public consultation? For Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, it is of a “paramount importance” whether the public will accept his daughter, Sara, for the vice mayoralty race in the coming May Elections.

Duterte said he has started conducting public consultation around
Davao’s 184 barangays to test the public acceptance for his daughter. Full story here.


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3 responses to “Duterte runs test on daughter’s bid as running mate”

  1. Jun P. says :

    The public consultation that Duterte did
    for his daughters candidacy is just a
    show,they can do whatever they want
    anyway.For a politician who has lost a
    sense of shame and delicadeza ,theres no
    need to hear what the public will say
    about it.This politician thought that the
    local government post is a family proper-
    ty that they just can handover to another
    family member.Its now up to the people
    of davao if they allow themselves to be

  2. Wake up Davao says :

    That “consultation” should be aptly called early electioneering. The reason why Duterte wanted an administrative seat for his daughter is for him to continue terrorizing the city of Davao. The political dynasty he longs to create is a means for him to cover up the wrongdoings he had put so much effort to conceal. Another seat for the younger Duterte is synonymous to giving the Mayor more control and effort to go on with his non belief on the due process of law and to continue relying on the DDS whose terrorizing power has not only been tolerated but in fact been encouraged and endorsed by the abusive Mayor.

  3. Jun P. says :

    WAKE UP DAVAO,thats a good name,you
    people of davao should start a campaign
    to stop this politicians abuse of power.You
    and you alone can do it.

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