Yap’ plea to Davaoeños: Don’t give away banana industry to other countries

Agriculture Sec. Arthur Yap has appealed to Davaoeños not to hand over the local banana industry to other countries who he said is just waiting to grab the country’s hold in the international market.  


Yap said they are ought to strike a balance between the interest of the people in the community and the industry.

“We appeal to our constituents here that we should not hand over the Philippine banana industry to foreigners. We fought so hard to fight for our pre-eminent position in the banana export banana industry in Asia,” he said.


Duterte said, however, he already signed the ordinance and will be implemented after publication in a local newspaper (Read related story).  

Yap said there are publication laws and due process to be followed even if the ordinance has been approved and signed into law.


The agriculture chief said after his meeting with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Friday that the banana industry earned a “status quo” on the city’s ordinance banning aerial spraying in all agricultural plantations.


 “As far as I am concerned everything is still in a status quo right now. We are on track,” Yap said after around three hours of a closed door meeting with Duterte in Marco Polo Hotel and airborne via the mayor’s chopper to check plantations.  


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