One beautiful city

If you have lived in bigger cities, you will think that your place is provincial. By the looks of it, the buildings certainly rise higher, fountains more spectacular, the roads paved better, the malls wider and the parks are well-kept.

You might want to stay in a corner when the crowd talks about urbanity.

My hometown, Malaybalay City, however, has taller mountains in lieu of buildings, clearer streams instead of spectacular fountains, and green woods to walk by instead of wide malls and well-kept parks.   

Not in any way at any time, have I been ashamed of that. I’m only worried it will lose its “frontier” city look as it has been in the past. Also, its cool climate and green scenery. Already it has lost a lot but visionaries are keen on keeping it a “A City within a Forest”.

As a young boy I have good memories of Malaybalay. Many of my images of the city are still intact in some of the photos in this website. Oh, by the way, the website had been there for a while. I just would like to link it here to commend its makers for freezing Malaybalay’s face in time. Already the landscape has changed and still changing.

Truly, there’s no place like home.



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