Hitting five digits!

In 2000, I was celebrating with a friend when I landed on a job that gave a fat take home pay. I was receiving a five-digit (for the first and the last time)! Of course, the fairy tale did not last long enough.

I got messed in a protest rally that my supervisor and I were into. It cost us our jobs, of course. Our employer was a staunch supporter of who else — the person we were picketing against, former president Joseph Estrada. 

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a member of any militant group. Almost everybody around late 2000 and early 2001 were into pickets. And in downtown Metro Manila at that time, being in the streets (Me — trying to find my way through) was already viewed subversive.

Nobody really expected that Estrada would fall. Neither did I expect to be back in Bukidnon after being an urban jobless.

And hitting five digits takes so much from a reporter of Mindanao’s shoestring alternative news agency. It’s going to be an elusive dream to even come close to it, unless one gets backing from the wires. Oh but that’s another thing.

I’m just so glad that I’ll hit five digits tonight, actually a few hours from now. No, not about pays. Just some small joys –a crazy, perhaps even senseless one. Here!

My blog monitor showed I’ll be having 10,000 hits or visitors soon. I don’t care if others are getting their millions. As long as I’m getting mine, too. I’ll blur over the millions for now. This blog will get it at the right time. 

Meanwhile, I had to shun twinkling eyes over five digits pay! (Murmurs …)


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