New frontiers

For a time I have considered myself not the cave’s gadget guy. More or less, I have boxed myself with that. I have refused to handle even the Canon G5 still camera fearing I might not be able to make good use of it.

Of course with the exemption of laptops, PCs, and digital recording stuff, I consider other equipment like the still and DV video cameras as untouchables (I can’t afford to replace them just in case). I would rather not learn, I said so.

We’ll that is about to change. I have always wanted to learn and I haven’t given up.

I’m taking lessons from two Malaysian visitors to cover using a state of the art HDV camera to cover documentaries and other news events. They are good and skillful.

MindaNews video chief Froilan G. also started giving very basic lessons on using the G5 (while they are using their high-powered still cameras).

I might have the chance to learn Joomla, too. And also non-linear editing of video clips.

There are just so many things to learn about. Facing these new frontiers present to me new challenges, and perhaps responsibilities, too. I’m thankful. —Yawning. It’s 2a.m. Valentine’s Day dawn.


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A Journalist from Mindanao

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