Marshian water?

Are you from Mars?

That’s the question I asked Barry, a friend who drives his truck around Mindanao. He feeds on trasporting flour, rice, corn or any conceivable good to and from any point in the island.

One day he dropped by and asked if its possible to hook his truck to the internet. I thought for a minute then looked at him as if asking him his question.

Not being the tekkie guy – I asked: “Are you from Mars?” (Trying to pretend his question was passe) while driver-sitting him repairing his truck along Bangkal’s highway.

We decided to assume its possible to hook it but maybe no IT company dared thus far.

It was just one of our senseless exchanges over bottles of spirits.

Then he asked: “Is there water in Mars”, mistaking Venus, visible in the clear September skies for the red planet.

Quickly, I told him he should ask NASA, not me.

Five months after that ever-senseless chat, I tried to reach him. He sent a text message later saying he was in Carmen, North Cotabato doing what else – driving.

Well, NASA seems to have an answer to his question in this report.


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