Video Coverage 101

UP Dance Ensemble

Members of the University of the Philippines in Mindanao Dance Ensemble performed at the SM City Entertainment Plaza on 13 February 2006.

MindaNews covered the event for the “practicum” of our in-house training on visual media (for some of us who are catching up).

I took charge of the video camera (a Sony HDV Handycam) on my first coverage duty – as a pretensious-anxious-unprepared cameraman intern.

To cap it all, an acquiantance from the crowd approached me and said: “Just when did you start pitching in for a TV crew?”

I have learned a lot of things during the pre-Valentine presentation, practical stuff on video coverage. Count in points I got from my teachers on how to stage events like that better. Also, I overheard new knowledge on dance performances especially lighting techniques among other things.

Of course learning to cover using the video camera was fun. At the time we were ready for some practical assessment- I listened intently and sucked in more tips.

But I never gave the teachers a chance to tell me I failed the test. 😀

I knew it was my first. Definitely, not my last. (What a lame excuse!).

Seriously, we have already started planning how to share the technology to the communities we are working with to improve their documentation and reporting capacity. Maybe we can learn many things from them, too.


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