BIMP-EAGA wrong economic partner for Mindanao?

The BIMP-East Asia Growth Area is not Mindanao’s natural economic partner with the grouping composed of the sub-region’s “all-poor” areas, the chief government planner said

Secretary Romulo Neri, National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) chief, said the sub-region — composed of Brunei-Darrusalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines — groups the four countries’ poor regions.

“It is good for public relations with the three other neighboring countries, but there is really not much for Mindanao in the BIMP-EAGA,” he said.

“BIMP-EAGA is equally poor as we are. There is not much trade or investment we can expect,” he said.

The sub-region growth area, launched in March 1994, was patterned after the success of the growth area concept in several sub-regions in Asia.

Neri said the real trading partners are Australia, China, Korea, and Japan.


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