Budoy and Hale in Bukidnon

Budoy and Hale’s Champ Lui Pio battle questions in a press conference prior to their concert in Bukidnon’s Central Mindanao University. (Photo Courtesy of Asterisk Events and Communication)

Cebuano singer Budoy and Hale band vocalist Champ Lui-Pio in Bukidnon’s Central Mindanao University for a pre-Valentine concert on Feb. 13. Photo courtesy of Asterisk Events and Communications.

I heard the concert was succesful and it boosted Bukidnon’s concert scene in love month February. If people can afford to party like in concerts, it also shows the conditions around are more or less orderly, peaceful, and relax.

Despite the difficult economic realities, people try to be resilient —going to concerts is just one of the means.


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8 responses to “Budoy and Hale in Bukidnon”

  1. Irene says :

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. marty says :

    when i was in Cebu i saw Budoy’s cable show and he was at this small guitar factor called “Havana”, the man was cranking out a nice little guitar. I want to know if anyone out there knows of this guitar maker. Is he in Cebu, maybe Negros? I cannot find anyting here on the net about Havana. I am looking for a good maker who can really make quality acoustic guitars. thanks.

  3. junx says :

    Harana guitars is a small custom shop in cebu city specializing in hand built, high quality acoustic steel string, classical and flamenco guitars. we also have a line of very popular travel guitars such as the one you saw on small time.

    they can be contacted at junxmuana@yahoo.com

  4. Shirley says :

    You have a great page!

  5. Jovany Ferrariz says :

    Maramaing salAmat poh….

  6. monique chavez says :

    hi champ!!

    idol kita ganda kasi ng voice mo
    parang angel sarap pakinggan
    and u luk lyk angel 2..hehhe

    hi budoy!!

    ur cool men!!
    astig mga kanta
    grav kakaiba haha!!

  7. mhakie says :

    anu ba yan si poy… pruo nalang ngiti ung nkikita qng pic nya… walang umiiyak xa? heheheheheh nice pic guys..

  8. gellai says :

    OMG. BUDOY’s the besst! Nakakita man ku niya outside sa JY Square nag istambay nag basa ug newspaper! Ahahaha.
    Omg, inlove sad kaayu kung Champ ui. shufu kaayo!

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